Interview with IT Professional – 2

Interview with IT Professional – 2

October 27, 2021 Blog Profession 0

Interview with Teja Tirupathi, IT Business Analyst with Purolator

Nat: Please tell us about yourself and what you do at Purolator.

Teja: “I perform analysis with business and technology partners to elicit, analyze, and define requirements into documentation and conceptual design using appropriate techniques and visual models from which solutions are developed.”

Nat: Which computer languages do you use?

Teja: “I do not use computer languages directly but work with Java/ Salesforce developers.”

Nat: Are you passionate about what you do?

Teja: “Absolutely love working with people in various roles such as IT Partner, architects, analysts, business stakeholders, and external service providers to understand the underlying technologies and applications.”

Nat: When/how did you start to code?

Teja: “I learned code in school, Java, C++, C#. Although I do not code in my everyday work. It helps me in communicating with the developers and to better understand their specifications.”

Nat: Do you have any tips for someone starting to learn to code?

Teja: “Practice as much as possible. Try different methodologies and patterns so you can write robust and efficient code.”

Nat: Do you have any advice to parents about kids and technology?

Teja: “Encourage kids if they show interest in the IT world. IT does not mean only code, there are various roles. Provide them the means to learn and experiment.”

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