Videogame Programming Workshop – JAVA (Summer 2021)

Excited to embark on our new workshop? We certainly are! In our Videogame Programming Workshop – Java, we will learn how to create a Sandbox videogame.

A Sandbox game allows players to have a great degree of creativity. The name comes from “sandboxes”, as in the real world, children can create nearly anything within a sandbox. Examples of Sandbox games are city-building simulations games like SimCity, Elite, Second Life and Minecraft.

To follow our virtual Videogame Programming Workshop – Java, you need either Mac, Windows 10, or Linux.

This workshop is ideal for kids age 10 to 15, and it’s suitable for beginners.

Workshop Outline:

1 IntroductionLearn how Java works and create a simple program
2 PhysicsCreate tiles and make them collide with the player
3 Graphics/Optimization Draw images instead of plain squares, and use chunks to speed up physics
4 Modify WorldModify tiles in the world, and add more types of tiles
5 World GenerationUse peril noise to make the terrain more interesting
6 OtherImprove areas of the game (eg. more accurate physics/collisions, limited resources/inventory, etc.)

Our workshop will be divided into 10 hours, or 8 sessions of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each. The cost is only CAD$75.00 – $7.50/hour.


We are offering the Videogame Programming Workshop – Java, in July and August 2021. Please click on either JULY or AUGUST to book your spot.