FLL – First Lego League 2017

FLL – First Lego League 2017

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On Twitter – December 10, 2017

On December 9, 2017, I competed with my school team at the FLL (First Lego League) at Rick Hansen Secondary School. There were 33 teams from around Peel. This year’s theme was Hydrodynamics. Our task was to present an innovative solution to a problem that they found in the human water cycle, and to demonstrate the core values used to help complete these tasks.

At Macville PS, we were divided into two teams of ten students each. I proposed the idea of using zebra mussels to filter out the water. While five kids worked on the reasearch, the other five worked on the robot. My first task was research. I designed a filter on Tinkercad and animated it in Minecraft, while the rest of the team was working on other problems, like a way around the ‘Invasive Species Act’, how to prevent the mussels from sticking to the wrong parts of the design, and how to prevent them from going into the output pipe.

Later, we switched teams, so I was helping with robotics. Our robot was able to complete over half of the missions, although on the day of the competition, we had some technical problems and it didn’t complete all the tasks.

Nevertheless, we won the Innovation Award, which made me and my school very proud!

FLL 2017 – Zebra Mussels

FLL 2017 – Macville PS Team