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Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks

Machine Learning Did you know that machines can learn? They can achieve it with Artificial Neural Networks. Sometimes, we need help from computers in order to perform tasks that are either too complex or take too long to calculate. For example, when we need to predict stock market prices or recognize posts that can go…
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September 19, 2020 0

Face Shields for our Healthcare Providers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started in early 2020, our lives have changed significantly. We often hear sad news about outbreaks in nursing homes, the fight in hospitals, and how brave our frontline healthcare providers are, trying to win everyday battles against our mighty microscopic enemy! The enemy is strong, and our fighters are always in…
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June 10, 2020 0

2019 Brampton Tech Fair

January 13, 2020 0

FLL – First Lego League 2017

On Twitter – December 10, 2017 On December 9, 2017, I competed with my school team at the FLL (First Lego League) at Rick Hansen Secondary School. There were 33 teams from around Peel. This year’s theme was Hydrodynamics. Our task was to present an innovative solution to a problem that they found in the…
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February 12, 2018 0

Peel Start Up Weekend 2017

The Brock News – December 1st, 2017 Brampton News – November 22nd, 2017 At the Peel Start Up Weekend, that happened on Nov 16-18, 2017, I did my first sales pitch in front of an audience of experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. Although it lasted only one minute, it looks like it took forever! I was…
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November 30, 2017 0